Thursday, January 1, 2009

Conservative New Years Resolutions #1

Get serious about state/local issues, where we can actually make a difference and present our alternative. -


In 2009, I hope to accomplish the following:
- One, to finish my book on Sarah Palin and get it published, perhaps by Christmas;
- Two, to generate as much opposition as possible to Obama's "pro-death" agenda;
- Three, to continue recruiting people for TeamSarah, ReadMyLipstick, and similar groups.
- Steve Maloney (, plus you'll find Steve on Twitter and Facebook, and a few other blogs and websites...)


My resolution right now is to get out the truth, whatever it is, and stop Obama from destroying this country. - Lyn


1. Be more vocal, while resisting becoming combative.
My thinking and feelings and beliefs are conservative, but I tended to keep my opinions to myself when around others whom I suspected were liberal-minded. No more being mute on political subject matter when faced with opposing views. While I don't plan to instigate lively debates every time I turn around, I will have confidence in being armed with facts, along with having a strong faith, to be ready to defend traditional American values. I will not shy away from challenging people's statements that I hear which go against what I know is right.

2. Actively engage in conservative communities to help them grow and strengthen the movement.
I have no problem expressing frustrations & disappointments with fellow conservatives about what is happening throughout the world. However, being truly engaged means more than just "preaching to the choir." It requires action. Sure, I visit conservative blogs/websites/message boards to converse with other conservatives, as well as listen to talk radio to be informed, but my activity level needs to be upped some notches.

I should also be:
*networking with other conservatives by attending meetings and/or conference calls or online chats where activities are being organized/planned to advance the movement
*doing more political blogging to reach out to people and share the conservative message instead of just reading other's blogs
*more vigilant in boycotting companies who give money to progressive organizations or causes and instead spend/send money to those who support and defend traditional American values
*in regular contact with members of Congress to voice my opinions and offer constructive feedback or encouragement (whether they represent my state or not!)
*volunteering in campaigns to help conservative candidates get elected to office

- Tracy (Tracy TN -


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